Adam Fowler


Star sign?

Playing or watching sport, exercise, watching movies, surfing the internet.

Why the fitness industry?
I was overweight, size 40 waist line, always enjoyed sport, I got my self fit & looking good, so thought why can’t I help others do the same. Why not do something I love & get paid for it, I wanted to prove to my self I can do something to help others.

Sports played?
Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Cricket, Beach Volleyball, Soccer. Currently into rock climbing & Triathlon.

Favourite Exercise?
Burpiees, as they use so many different muscle groups, so many different variations.

Goals in life?
To be the best I can be at whatever I do & I would like to travel the world.

Future of F!T F!X? 
Expand the business, own a studio, great reputation; have staff work under me; online sales; clothing label; create a F!T F!X franchise. Travel Australia spreading how important fitness is & changing as many lives as I can. Gain more knowledge & skills.  

Who would you like to thank? 
Big thanks to my Parents, Annette from All That’s Physical & my support network. Also like to thank everyone who doubted me, for giving me the drive to succeed.  

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