2018 Will bring new changes to F!T F!X as we currently know it.

I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years and I have made the decision to cut back.
I have had to have a hard think about the future of the business, and I’ve had to weigh everything up and make choices that are for the best for myself and my family.

I am downsizing effective from the 2nd of February and only offering 4 sessions a week till when my lease is up in March. These sessions will be a casual basis and subject to change. I am not going to be extending my lease for the facility. After this date I hope to offer Outdoors sessions and keep group fitness going. This will include Cardio, boxing workouts and also some forms of WOD.
I will still be doing my Personal Training sessions and have more spots open for more clients.

For those of you who have been training with me for many years, you will remember how it “used to be”. I started out in a Garage, then a big shed and then into my own facility. With all of this amazing growth, came enormous expenses. Rent in Gawler is extremely expensive…. practically the same cost as having a second mortgage. Despite all of this, I have stayed true to my extremely low prices. I have not wanted to increase prices because I understand the impact that this has on clients. However, because of this, since moving into the Facility I have basically been working to keep the business alive…. it definitely hasn’t been about the money. It’s been hard, but my wife and I haven’t regretted a minute of it…. because as Jenny says, not many people feel so happy and excited to go to work every day so I’ve been so lucky and it’s all been worth it.

I have many reasons why I want to do this and it has been a hard decision to make.
As most of you know, I did start a new second job so that Jenny could have more time at home with our son. It’s important to me that he has his mum around as much as possible. She has loved being home with him, and now that he is older she is now going to be working part time. What I didn’t expect, is how much I was going to love this new job. I have enjoyed the change, I have enjoyed learning new things and I have mostly enjoyed not having to wonder if and how my income was coming in each week. I haven’t had to worry about people cancelling their PTs last minute or people not signing up for another 10 week block when they may have told me that they were going to etc…… this has caused me a lot of stress and has taken the love and the fun out of my job.

My new job took priority as it was my main source of steady income, unfortunately this resulted in me cancelling classes or being late, but the overtime helped a lot. My life is moving in different directions and it can no longer be full time with F!T F!X.
I Want to see my Son more, so many days I would not see him. At this young, they change so much and I am missing so many exciting times. This isn’t me, I am a family man. I want to be a supportive husband and daddy!
With the resent Lack of interested in the 10 week blocks for strength, stretch and wod it has put some more finical strain on me with the cost of running the business. Personal Training clients have steadily been going down in numbers and the cost to run a business has been going up.
I have also had an opportunity to get out of the Lease early that has helped make this decision.
I want to be a better father, husband and friend. I have missed so many special occasions because I’ve had to work. Not being there for friends birthday dinners or nephews birthday parties. I want to put myself first instead of the business, I want to enjoy life! I want to get back to loving fitness. I used to work out 3 times a day and would go to sleep thinking about workouts to do for clients and myself. Jenny used to watch me run in triathlons and compete in various competitions and now I just don’t have the time to do things like that. There is no one to blame and no going back. I want to be happy and to do that I need to make this change. I love this job but it’s not supporting my family and the things I want out of life the way it should.
I would like to thank past and current clients as without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.
I myself have had great success being a small business finalist for 2 years in a row. And also a finalist for fitness professional of the year. Add on many fitness comps that I have placed in.

My clients have had great results in Crossfit comps and strongman
SA Strongest Female for 2 years
Placings at CrossFit Comps

We have shared so many amazing memoires, and done some amazing things. I am extremely happy with what F!T F!X has achieved over the years and the results clients have got. So Ask yourself what amazing results you have achieved with F!T F!X?

I know many of you will be upset and angry but at this stage all I want is your support just how I have supported you and helped you on your fitness and health journey, now I am asking for help on my journey.

Thanks to so many different people that have allowed F!T F!X to grow and me to excel as a trainer / coach. I could list so many names of clients, family, friends, mentors, etc…. So thank you to everyone. Without you I wouldn’t be here..
I want to take F!T F!X back to the way that it used to be. I understand that I may lose some clients, but I also know that many clients miss the old way and would be happy to go back to a more simple way.
So looking forward F!T F!X will have no more 4 week deal and only offering 4 Group Fitness Classes a week, 2 Tuesday and 2 Thursday, Both 30min Classes on a Casual Basis. $8 a class or $15 if you do 2 in the one night.

Tuesday 6:20 Cardio 7:00 Weights
Thursday 6:20 Thighs Abs butt 7:00 Quick WOD

I will officially move out of the facility on 23rd of February then I will be downsizing to just do outdoor classes and Personal Training from the home studio that I will have setup once the Facility is closed. I will have equipment for sale, so please contact me privately to talk about it.

I have personal training spots open for select clients that want to keep with me.

I look forward to regaining my own level of fitness that was once so high….And most of all, I look forward to having more time for my wife and toddler.

Thanks to my family and friends for supporting me along the way. Especially my wife, for putting up with these weird hours and always encouraging me and allowing me to follow something I love.

It has taken me ages to finally come to a decision and stick to it, I’ve had support close by to help, but ultimately it came down to me and to pick a date and write this. I am excited for this, I feel like it will take such a financial burden away, and remove the stress of working a full time job on top of running a business.
I’m taking F!T F!X back to old school! It always worked back then and I think it can work that way again!
Please contact me privately if you have any questions or if you have any ideas to help out with this big change!
I hope this has made sense and I look forward to the future working with those who want to see F!T F!X change.


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