Extreme Sessions

fitfix EXTREME 300x246 Extreme SessionsMonday 6.30-7.40pm Apex Park, Gawler

Outdoor group personal training program that utilises discipline to take your results to the next level. This program will include a greater variety of equipment, unique exercises, and different activities to push your limits. Required to follow set rules Put in the hard work and get great results! it’s fun, exciting and highly motivating, incorporating the best elements of training and combing them into one extreme session.

(Note, this is designed with rules and hard work in mind).

$15 for Casual visit or buy 10 Session pass for $100.

“Well here we are again, the sun is shining and the layers are coming off and alas what have i found a few extra handles that weren’t there this time last year. Insult to injury, I try on a dress and my daughter (5 years old) says “oh how cute mum you look pregnant” aaaahhhhh not what i needed to hear.
Answer, tell Adam how I am feeling, not that he doesn’t already know. Now that i have done this what happens next???
Adam tells me to get back to what i know works best and that is running. It’s time to switch from Casual back to Extreme sessions.
2 weeks later here i am and i am feeling more positive than i have in a long time, Adam is pushing me to my absolute limits once again and I am running again. I am starting to tone up and get my head back were it needs to be.
So how are you feeling?? Anything like i was, then come and talk to Adam because if you are really ready to get results, then Adam is the one that can get them for you.”
Cassie Kinnear

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