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For the early riser, a mix of all the good parts from F!T F!X sessions (cardio, strength, core) combined into one complete session to kick start your day. Early morning, outdoor fitness is the perfect way to get the endorphins flowing and begin your day full of energy. Be switched on ready to take on the world.

$12.50 for casual
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“What is not to love about working out in the morning? I have been doing f!t f!x morning sessions for almost 2 years now, I have noticed I can train that little bit harder in the morning, all refreshed from my sleep the night before – not all worn out from my day at work. Instead of having a extra half hour of sleep (really not needed), rolling out of bed and trying to convince everyone you are awake – I opt to jump up, and head off to F!T F!X. You are up in the early rays of the sun filtering through the trees, the birds are just starting to wake up and chirping happily away, and the beautiful morning air is Completely invigorating – put that together with a F!T F!X morning session and you have the perfect start to the day – you’re exercise is done and dusted and you  have the rest of the day to yourself – you are energized, awake and greet the rest of the day with a  spring in your step and smile on your face.” Kimberly StubingGroup Fitness Sessions




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