Personal Training

Do you want that personalised attention to achieve your goals?
Personal one on one training is the ideal way for all ages to improve fitness, it’s the best & fastest way to achieve results with that personalised attention.
As your fully qualified & registered fitness professional I will help you effectively utilise your time, keep you motivated & monitor your progress. I will remove all the guesswork from your program, all you need to do is turn up. Each training session is unique & will satisfy the entire body. I will keep your training interesting with different exercises & techniques to achieve what you thought was impossible.
You will have my undivided attention, motivation and encouragement to help you achieve your goals. Training is done around you & your needs. Location is your choice. No noisy smelly gyms or studios & no expensive gym fees to worry about.
Your transformation F!X can begin today. I will challenge your mind & body in a fun, safe environment. With your individualised program I am dedicated to get you fit.
If you want to lose weight, tone up, increase your energy, achieve amazing results, look & feel great. Contact me I will help you achieve those goals quickly & safely.
Session lengths & options can be tailored to your needs, 1 hour $70, 30 mins $45 Money back guarantee, discounts available for regular sessions. So book your Personal Training session now!

1 Hour Personal Training Session $70
30 Min Personal Training Session $45

10 Pack 1 Hour Personal Training Session Pack + 1 Free 1 Hour Personal Training Session $650
10 Pack 30 Min Personal Training Session Pack + 1 Free 30 Min Personal Training Session $450

Weekend Prices
1hr $80 – 30min $50 – Share a PT for $50 each
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