RXD Games 2 was help on Saturday 20th at CrossFit Down Under

This time 30 teams took on the challenge of the RXD Games in 3 divisions, Open, Intermediate and Beginner.


 Recap of RXD Games

“Doing the RXD games was a great experience. A fun day out surrounded by lots of great people. Competing against other people gave me the chance to test my new skills against other people and also showed me what it takes to compete at a higher level. Definitely worth doing cant wait for the next one” Josh Talbot


In team of 4 2 male and 2 female with only 1 person working at a time in the workouts.

We had 3 teams – 2 in beginners and 1 in Open.

The begineer teams had
Erin, Tim, Josh, Alyce
Chris S, Mel, Sarina, Matt

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Open team
Adam, Chris R, Karen, Barb

 Recap of RXD Games Recap of RXD Games Recap of RXD Games

Last time the open team being Karen, Barb, Jake and Adam came 3rd. This time we had some very strong competition and had alot of fun as the workouts really tested us. We had some great showing in a few of the workouts. We never practiced as a team so this hurt us on the day, but it was more of a kick up the bum for us.

 Recap of RXD Games

“First comp down, hopefully the first of many. I could not believe how nervous I was! Fantastic support from my team and all the F!TF!X crew and supporters, bring on the next one” Matt Thomas


 Recap of RXD Games

As a coach this time I took a step back and let them just enjoy and experience the comp, as it was a team comp and you had to share workouts so in the end your not doing that much. I wanted clients to learn for them self so next time they have that experience and confidence to do it them selfs.

So the 2 beginner teams made it to the final workout to see who gets 1st place. It came down to seconds. They ended up with 2nd and 3rd.
They learnt a lot.

“After competing in the Australian Fitness Titles in September this year as an individual (beginner level) I was excited to hear there was a group competition coming up. We worked out an amazing team for 2 women and 2 men, myself, Erin, Josh and Tim and what a powerhouse team we were. To get ready for the comp we worked out a strategy on how we could compete well as a team with a bit of help from Adam. Finally the comp day came, nerves were flying high but we were so excited to compete together. My favorite event of the day was the surprise event where we had to carry one of our team mates for about 200m preferably running too. We couldn’t stop laughing as we all carried Erin (strategically done as she is the lightest person in our team). To our absolute delight we came second in our heat. We were so happy to be in the finals and to smash it out and finally come second all up was INCREDIBLE. To finish strong was empowering but to also be able to share the day with all the other Fit Fix team members was even better. SO EXCITED to see what will come next for me and my new journey! Thank you for the support from Erin, Josh and Tim but most of all Adam for believing in us all!” Alyce Cook

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