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Is your child’s health important?

Regular physical activity is part of a child’s foundation for a long & healthy life.

Helping children adopt a healthy lifestyle early will have a tremendous impact on their physical, intellectual, emotional & social development.

I am a qualified children’s trainer, active after school communities coach, I also have my police check & ready to mould the next generation. Sport is not for everyone, but physical activity needs to be a regular part of a child’s life to ensure they grow up healthy & strong. Put your childs health first & help them create a healthly future. 

I can tailor a program using games & fitness activities to suit each individual or a group, using a competition free, enjoyable exercise & achieve personal results.

We are the kid’s role models, so let’s show them the way. Start educating the next generation on how important fitness & health is, so they have a healthy start to life.

I am here to provide the F!X for the obesity epidemic. I can design specialised activities to support your child’s needs to help them grow, learn, sweat, make friends, develop skills & most importantly having fun along the way.

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