Sports Specific

Training for a specific sport? 

Then get the specific F!X for you, I will help you achieve your goals & get results.

Sports specific training is about developing physical conditions to improve

performance & skills at a particular sport. Also understanding the needs of the game, training/practising at the correct pace, in order to meet sports requirements.

I am a Level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach & with my qualifications in the fitness industry I can create an individually tailored program for you & your sport.

Want to be the best in your team? Want to last the whole game? Want that edge over your rivals? Want to win that final? Want to reach your peak performance?  

Training for competitive sports requires a delicate balance between high levels of performance ability verses muscular balance & injury-prevention. If you are looking to improve your skills & jump higher, run faster & move quicker, then contact me now & begin your path to success. Price is negotiable per session.

 So what specific training do you need to become a champion at your sport?

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