Strength class is a 10 week program on Monday 23rd October.


Get 2 new clients to sign up and you get the 10 weeks FREE

Strong athletes tend to perform better. So pack up those skinny jeans for donation and sign up for Strength Class

Lift and Learn
Want to get stronger? Come to strength class. The goal at the beginning was to improve in the slow lifts – the Back Squat, the Press, and the Deadlift

Join in all the clients smashing the results with the strength program!!

Build strength improve flexibility and prevent injures.

Monday 7:45 – Sunday 5:30 – 1hr Classes
28th / 29th new block starts

$110 For 10 weeks. (bonus if you add WOD $250 for Both)

Strength Program is something you should try. For $110 you get 10 sessions at one a week. We start basic with learning to lift correctly and focusing on mobility to get in the best positions, eg squat deep enough. We then progress along to more advance movements like Olympic lifting. For the new ones you progress and learn together. For the advance ones they are given more challenging exercises and programmed to build more strength. Sessions go for 1hr and you will get a great workout. Clients who have done strength sessions have improved so much, we track results to show you how much it makes a difference. We have all the gear at the facility to help with you strength goals.

You sign up for 10 weeks and follow the program, no catch up type sessions, if you need to swap a night let me know in advance.

As well as being a Personal Training Adam is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Level 1 and Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1.

Once you learn the basics and build confidence you can sign up for the 10 week WOD sessions.

With huge personal best each 10 week block it shows the program works. Progress onto harder more complex movements once you get a hang of the basic squat press deadlift exercises.

Book in for the 10 weeks and save otherwise casual visit is $20.

So many clients build confidence from this program and continue to get results!!!

The successful athlete will be consistent in attendance, undeniable in effort, eating massive amounts of good food, and be ready to emerge from the depths next Spring as a bonafide giant killer. Going into winter now, get your training on!


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