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Melissa Kretschmer “Strength – if someone told me a few years ago that I would be lifting weights (some quite heavy) I probably would have told them no, why would I do that…….well, I’m in week 8 of my second round of a ’10 Week Strength Training’ that Adam does at F!T F!T. I’ve really surprised myself a few times with what I’ve achieved & am really enjoying it. Even though along the way I’ve had an issue with a sore wrist, it hasn’t really held me back because Adam just gave me other things to do, so that I still got in a good training session. Thanks to Adam & the others for the encouragement along the way, there really is a good feel within the group during the session.┬áSo if you’ve ever thought why would I do that…….why not, you never really know what you can do, unless you give it a try”

I have seen huge improvement with Mel at the strength sessions, its also helped her other sessions she attends to like kick boxing she has more power with her punches and kicks. I know its helped her job and her family and friends have seen a massive change. This lady has more confidence in what she can do now!
New strength starts up on the 1st Sunday 5:30 and 2nd Monday 8:00. 10 Week program paid in advance for $110. You pay for 10 weeks straight, whole idea is you stick to it and see the results. No catch up sessions.


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