Stretch Class

F!T F!X   Stretch class will provide you with some vital restoration tools to address pain and areas of restriction impacting your performance and increasing your risk of injury.

Starting Wednesday night 7:40 at the facility after group fitness -5 weeks for $70
 Stretch Class

We all know we need to mobilise and stretch more, intuitively our body tells us that we need to but we still don’t make the time to do it. Now we are having a specific class to do it.

What we often forget, or don’t consider, is that increased flexibility will result in improved performance in all aspects of fitness. That’s right, your lack of flexibility may be holding you back from reaching your full potential, along with relieving you from a host of aches and pains. “Many years ago I could never overhead squat, I had to work on my mobility to help me with that exercises, now I can overhead squat over my body weight” Adam Fowler

Improving your flexibility has the greatest potential to improve the other 9 physical skills that make up true fitness. They include; cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Improving your flexibility in key areas like your ankles, hips, hamstrings, shoulders and thoracic spine could be the missing link you need to squat deeper, run faster, perfect the Olympic lifts and generally perform better.

The F!T F!X  Mobility class will take you through some simple and effective mobilisation drills to implement into your training routines to have your body ‘functioning well’ in no time.

Improving mobility/flexibility is about discipline; it doesn’t elicit a great deal of pain or require a high level of skill. To achieve improvement in mobility purely requires consistency.

Improving your range of motion  means more muscle recruitment and therefore increased strength and metabolism. You can achieve greater periods of applied force, reduced strain on your joints, keeping you injury free. You will also achieve improved technique, which will help you to be more biomechanically efficient, which means heavier loads lifted.

Lets be honest we all need a class like this!!


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