Jason Clark
Working in a trade as an electrician I rely on Adam to keep me in good physical conditioning. Before asking for Adam’s help I struggled walking to the top of flight of stairs without puffing & always struggled lifting motors & cable drums. Now with Sunday F!T F!X & PT’s I can easily perform to the best of my ability at work & I believe that work has realised this & am gaining more work & responsibility. Lately I have undertaken drinking Vitalstrength Ripped, a Protein Shake on his instruction because I was having trouble with muscle soreness. Since taking this drink I can now perform harder during the session & also I have majorly reduced muscle soreness. An added bonus to the protein shake is my wife has noticed that I am a lot more toned across my chest & arms.

Natalie Van Pelt
As a Remedial Therapist I found that day after day of constant bending over a massage table was taking a huge toll on my body. I love my profession so a career change wasn’t the answer. I decided to give Personal Training a go & have now been working with Adam for 5 months. The result has far out weighed my expectation. Personally it has given me the opportunity to gain an overall fitness, has boosted my confidence, given me so much energy, motivation & muscle tone. Professionally it has improved my strength allowing me to work longer days, my posture has improved & I’m no longer slouching. Adams sessions are fun, challenging, motivating, creative & forever changing. My body now looks forward to physical training on a regular basis. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic new friends. I would recommend PT sessions to anybody as they are designed for you & your goals getting results quickly. It’s mentally stimulates me unlike the boring gym sessions I used to frequent.

Rachel Gibson
My name is Rachel and this is my journey so far.I have been a part of the F!T F!X  family for the past 18 months and It has honestly changed my life.I have battled with my weight and fitness for most of my adult life, I have joined many gyms over the years and lost interest after a short time from mainly boredom so to find this type of group fitness and supportive environment has been the difference to my success.The thing I enjoy the most is everyone supports each other and Adam is dedicated to my success,I would get no where if I had a trainer that let me slacken off, Adam wants and get the results we all are there to achieve. Everyone’s fitness levels are different but he caters for all of our needs.I am the fittest I have been in years and getting closer to my goal weight.Thanks Adam for believing in me and your continued support!

Damien O’Rielly
I have been doing F!T F!X with Adam for over 12 months and it has changed my life. The encouragement and motivation Adam gives is like no other.  I have lost over 30kg and never would of achieved what I have without Adam’s support and the fact it is a friendly environment and outdoor training makes it easier to achieve your goals. Adam shows one on one support even in a group environment and makes exercising fun while getting you the results you want. Since starting with Adam I have become stronger, faster, lighter and most importantly healthier and without Adam’s support it wouldn’t of happened. Training in a group environment you meet new friends who also encourage you to get the results you want. I have recommended this to other family members and friends who also love the group environment. Adam is a very professional trainer who’s skills and knowledge are endless and the commitment he shows to his clients is second to none.

Kerensa Darwin
I am a new user of F!T F!X’s services, but already I feel like part of the F!T F!X culture due to the friendliness and professionalism shown by both Adam and Troy. F!T F!X utilises many areas about Gawler for their fitness training, allowing persons to see parts they wouldn’t have otherwise, to meet people not in the same work or social circles and to pull mothers out of the house and into a culture of fitness. After my very short time, I am sore but satisfied with the services offered and hope to be a long standing customer!

Brent Mathews
F!T F!X is Fantastic, Adam is a great role model & really pushes you to go beyond your limits. Prior to joining this I thought I was fit but this has really shown me how unfit & unhealthy I was. It has helped me to loose 17kgs & I now feel wonderful. For someone like me who hates the gym, it has really benefited me as it is structured or all fitness levels. Every session is fun & different, & you can meet some really cool people too. I actually find myself wanting to workout all the time, I cant wait to get there…..

Christine Cameron
I have been attending Adam’s F!T F!X Sunday Sessions for a little while now & find it an excellent way to exercise.  Being a mum with two little children it’s hard to find time for your self let alone exercise, the Sunday sessions have been perfect for me. Its great to be outdoors, rain, hail or shine getting a great workout. Each session is never dull or boring but always physically & mentally challenging, Adam is a constant source of encouragement, telling me to believe in my ability & always to push harder. Since starting with F!T F!X Sessions I have found my core stability, strength & overall cardio has improved, each session leaves me feeling energised & looking forward to the next. Adam has an amazing energy & attitude towards fitness & life in general, he is extremely motivating.  F!T F!X Sunday Fitness Sessions is a great way to exercise, catering for all fitness levels, working out with a great group of people with an excellent trainer, seriously what more could you want!!

Jenny Sherwood
I have been attending F!T F!X for the last couple of months and I am finding it to be highly beneficial already. After experiencing and tying out many different gyms and fitness sessions, I have definitely found the appropriate one for me at F!T F!X. F!T F!X caters for everybody’s needs, with extreme sessions to light sessions dependi…ng on what you would like to achieve.
I find the casual Friday sessions to be very challenging as they push me above and beyond my limits, however I feel highly motivated and supported by the instructor Adam, who is exceptional at what he does and always makes sure that everyone’s needs are being met and everyone is getting the best possible results. Wednesday night light sessions are a great night as it is a lower intensity, often focusing on thighs, butt and abs.
I personally joined F!T F!X to regain my fitness level, and to tone up. I will definitely be sticking to F!T F!X so that I can reach my goal. After each session I feel rejuvenated and satisfied with the work that I have put in with the constant support of Adam and the other clients. I have made some new friends, and am highly impressed by the motivation and support that is given to each other amongst the clients. I am thoroughly enjoying my new fitness regime and I already feel happier and healthier.
I love the whole atmosphere of F!T F!X. I’m really excited to continue this on, and I look forward to the future and the benefits of my efforts.

Kim StClair
I first met Adam through Original Bootcamp, it was there that I was able to reach my own personal goals that previously I struggled with. I have had a few Personal Training Sessions & the Sunday Fitness sessions with Adam & yes, he’s pushed me outside my comfort zone, encouraged me to do just a few more reps & on many occasions when I felt like giving up because it hurt or I was exhausted there was Adam pushing me a little bit more. I’m truly grateful for having those experiences, its made me stronger both physically & mentally. I’ve now set myself higher personal goals, I’m sure through my own determination to conquer them along with Adam’s positive spin, continuous support & encouragement I will achieve them.

Sarah Raine
Fit Fix is a great, you can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals in one place.  Adam is an inspired fitness professional who cares about his clients and their goals.  It is fun and rewarding and everyone encourages and helps each other.  No two workouts are the same, it is always different and challenging.  Adam encompasses all levels of ability and fitness in each workout, so no matter how fit or unfit you are you can complete a session. Fit Fix is helping me to lose weight and get fit, I am inspired by Adam and everyone that attends each session, I know no matter what that I will be welcomed and encouraged to put in 110% each time I train and that is what keeps me going back each and every week.

Samantha Connors
What I like most about Adam is I get results. I actually feel flat & untoned when I haven’t been to his sessions. I have been seeing Adam for over a year now, & my entire body shape has changed & I am a lot more toned then I used to be. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone, he is very creative & you never get bored!

Kimberly Stubing
When I first met Adam on my first day at Bootcamp I could not even run 500mtr, barely managed to do 3 push ups from my toes, 5 sit ups & had to find a bush at the end of the session to be sick. I was ashamed at how unfit I was – I’m sure Adam didn’t think he would see me back at Bootcamp let alone signing up to personal training sessions – he was eager to take me on board & excited to help me on my journey to the new me. Adam has been training me for just over 12 months now & I am stronger, faster, fitter, happier & 14.5kg lighter. It is fair to say that thanks to Adams encouragement & expertise I love exercising now & do Bootcamp under the instruction of Adam 3 times a week, a personal training session as well as his fantastic Sunday F!T F!X session. To aid in my recovery Adam recommended I use Vitalstrength Define & I have definitely noticed a positive result in my recovery since using it. Every training session with Adam is a total body work out, it is hard work but it is always fun & Adam is always right there  encouraging you to get that next rep or get that little bit deeper. Adam is extremely knowledgeable & creative with his sessions & I can honestly say I have never done the same session twice. It is so obvious that fitness is Adams obsession – it’s what he lives for & it’s this reason combined with his genuine care & dedication to his clients & his passion for their success that people go to him, it is also how they achieve goals & results they never dreamed possible. I have no hesitation recommending him because without Adam, I wouldn’t be where I am today – fit happy & healthy.

Deanne Clark
As I started playing netball again after having a couple of seasons off I noticed how much my fitness level had decreased & decided that I needed to do something about it. Since I have been doing personal training sessions with Adam, I have seen an immense improvement in my overall fitness. At the beginning it was mainly my cardio that I wanted to increase, and as this started to improve Adam was able to identify other key areas that I needed to strengthen to help me get to the level of fitness I desired. Every session I do is unique and designed specifically to help me achieve my personal fitness goals by challenging me & pushing me to a point beyond what I thought my body was capable of, which is what I enjoy about it. Adam is excellent at motivating & encouraging you so that leave each session feeling one step closer to achieving that goal. So it doesn’t matter how big or how small your goal is, I would highly recommend giving Adam a call to let him help you achieve the results you thought were never possible.

Sam Bennetts
Last year I went through some pretty big life changes & for a while didn’t focus on my fitness & health resulting in unhealthy eating, weight gain, losing the toning & confidence I once had. Adam’s sessions are a great motivator for me; he has helped me regain a lot of my confidence & he has helped me remember just how much I’ve missed being fit & feeling good! Adam keeps our sessions exciting & he is constantly changing it up which in effect, is sometimes so much fun you don’t realise just how much it’s hurting – After a training session I always feel amazing! I’ve loved each & every one of my sessions so far, & although I work two jobs & play sport 5 times a week – I’ll always be sure to make the time to continue my sessions with Adam whenever I possibly can. So it doesn’t matter how busy you are – always make time for fitness. Go & see Adam, you won’t possibly regret it!

Greg Cox
Since recovering from two knee arthroscopies 2 years ago, I have had Adam as a trainer during my bootcamp sessions at Kersbrook & on his more personalised Sunday F!T F!X Sessions. I have found my muscle strength in my legs has improved immensely & I am able to run again, which has always been a weak point for me. I find the more sore my muscles get from his workouts the stronger they are becoming around the joints, making me run & walk with ease without the aches I was once getting in everyday activities. I enjoy the variety that Adam offers in his sessions & after a year & a half I have never experienced a session the same. The fitness that I have achieved with Adams help has allowed me to continue on doing other sports that I enjoy on a higher stamina level. Well done Adam for making me exercise & enjoy it!

Daniel Maikowski
I have been training with Adam & I seen results instantly. He is professional and his sessions are very enjoyable. He got me onto Vitialstrength Ripped & I love the taste.  I don’t have to say much more, give him a call & see for your self.

Sarah Robinson
One Friday evening dropping my daughter off at the rec centre, I saw the F!T F!X signs …I drove slowly by to see what it was all about (looked a bit scary), I carried on driving! A few weeks later I did the same but this time noted down the contact details and found a Sunday morning session I could do, I decided as the first session was free I’d nothing to lose. I arrived at Clonlea park, I was expecting to be met with super-fit lycra clad lovelies, I was pleased to find people of all ages, shapes & fitness levels and friendly too. I filled in my medical form and remember being pleased that I was fairly fit (I walked occasionally). I was quickly launched into a full on training session like I’d never experienced before, half way through I knew I was going to be sick (I was really embarrassed) but the other people all reassured me with their ” first time” stories and rallied round and helped me get through. I managed to get through and at the end I was exhausted but on a high, I’d finally found the kind of exercise I’d been looking for.. I knew I’d be back! For the next four days i was so sore, I’d used muscles I didn’t know existed. This was only a few short weeks ag , I now attend 3 sessions a week ( more if I could), every session is different , I feel fitter & sarahrope 300x137 Testimonialsstronger and love to accept whatever challenge is thrown at me. When I first met Adam the trainer he was tall, dark & muscly and with his sunnies on looked a bit like the commando ( a bit intimidating), but he is far from that , he doesn’t need to bark out orders, he just reminds you how far you’ve come and helps you realise that you are capable of reaching your full potential. In the past exercise is one of those things I could easily put off and found it hard to get & stay motivated. Now all I have to do is turn up and I have no choice but to get on with it. I’m now making excuses to exercise and really hate it when I miss a session. I’ve always been a solitary exerciser and I didn’t think the group fitness would be for me, but I’m surrounded by supportive, inspiring and motivating people who never use the words I CAN’T. This support continues after the sessions via facebook, photos, blogs, newsletter, personal messages of support. So have I found my fitness fix- I definitely have!

Faye Bagnall-stevens
I have been doing strength session with Adam at Fit Fix for the past 18 Weeks. It has been both challenging and extreamly rewarding. Its has helped me both physically and mentally. I have learnt to focus all my energy into my lifts and because of that keep improving in every session. Each week is different learning new techniques and the proper way to lift. It has really helped with my posture and as a result I have strengthened my back muscles and no longer suffer from back pain that I once did. Each week has been fantastic to see my PB beaten and just pushed me to train more. My self esteem has also improved I have started telling myself I can do things. I would recomend this session to anyone who wishes to imporve there life both mentally and physically. Its great as an extra to the Fit Fix session and Pt I already do.

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