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Grit, Determination and My trainer Named Adam

About 2 years ago in April –I was pushing close to 80kg, unfit , unhappy with the way I looked and wanted to make a change. I took a leap of faith and headed to the Original Bootcamp and met our trainer Adam who got to witness my first ever fitness test – he encouraged me the entire way through my 1km run – (that isn’t entirely true I didn’t even run the whole thing – maybe we should call it – my 12 and a half minutes of shuffling, jogging walking and spewing 1km) It was at this point I realized exactly how unfit I was – 25yrs old and I couldn’t even run a kilometer.

A big turning point for me was when I shocked myself (and Adam) by turning back up again on Wednesday for another session – Over my next 12mths at Bootcamp being trained by Adam my ‘run’ time went from over 12mins to do 1km to running 1.6km in 6.30min, for our 2 minute exercises I had gone from 13 pushups 112, no more than 20 sit ups over 100, 5 grunts to 40….Thanks to Adam never letting me give anything less than 100% anytime I trained I learnt to push through pain barriers I never knew existed.

I wanted to do personal training sessions but I couldn’t really afford them, and it was at this point I learnt something about Adam – he loves his job not for the money – but for the results and satisfaction of seeing his clients reach their goals – if you give him 100% he will give you back 200% – I wanted to train and he needed clients to get his personal training side of his business up off the ground so we struck up a deal – he would train me for 2 half hour session a week for a 6 packs of beer – it worked for both of us especially for me – that was until he got more clients – then I had to start paying like everyone else ha-ha.

Push Up
(I was only just managing to slowly jog 2kms) when I mentioned to him that I wanted to run the City to Bay that September – Instead of saying Kimbo you’re aiming a bit high – he got to work on getting me running more – whenever he would go for his own jog in the morning he would ring me up and make me get my ass out of bed and out running rain hail or shine. That September I did the City to Bay with Adam, Jason, Deanne and Kimbot – I pulled off 12kms in 1.06mins I was absolutely beside myself I couldn’t believe I had ran a whole 12kms without stopping (even though my shin splints were killing me I managed to push through)

I hurt my knee mid last year and it stopped me from doing a lot of running or anything involving a lot of leg work – Adam set to work building my session around that to make sure I still kept my cardio and fitness up – I started to lose a bit of interest because I had nothing I could really do as far as running events but Adam didn’t let me wallow in that for very long at all – he just kept mixing my sessions up so I didn’t get bored – I swear give the guy any object and he will find a way to make it a work out tool – since my first training session Adams equipment has evolved with him – it started out basic, dumb bells, Swiss ball, boxing pads – suddenly I was making friends with bags of sand, car tyres, tractor tyres, empty beer kegs, beer kegs full of water, big ropes, small ropes, sledge hammers, kettle bells, medicine balls with handles, medicine balls without handles, bikes, rowing machines, the steps at dead man’s pass, grueling hills, and the dreaded weight sled – you name it and Adam will find a way to have you working out with it. I think this is one thing that sets Adam apart from other trainers – he isn’t afraid to use anything he sees as part of a work out making his sessions engaging and interesting.

Adam has been a great one for making sure I kept building goals – weather it be to run my runs quicker, or push more reps out in set – always make a goal and when you reach it set a new one. I started to get mopey part way through a session and Adam basically told me to stop whining and get myself a goal – “Kimbo, I remember once you told me you wanted to do a triathlon – so stop being a sook and let’s get to work on that” one thing went through my head “oh my god why did I ever tell him that….” – one thing I will say if you have a personal trainer like Adam that takes time out to take and interest in what you are doing don’t ever mention that you ‘might’ like to do something one day because before you know you will be training for it!

Last November I bought myself a road bike, and my ass was again getting dragged out of bed, this time for bike rides, I had to work hard riding with Adam because 1> his bike is better than mine and 2>the guys is a machine – but he didn’t let me slack off because if I didn’t keep up I would get left behind.
Off I went on Australia Day to do my first Triathlon, Adam was there making sure I had everything all sorted and ready to go – 400mtr swim, 16.5km bike and 4km run – I finished, felt great and was addicted, 2 weeks later we were back at Westlakes and I did the long course 750mtr swim, 19.5swim and 5km run, 2 weeks later 800mtr swim, 25.1km bike, 6km run I wasn’t setting the world on fire but I was out there and giving it everything I had and I was loving it! and then Adam said to me “SO Kimbo Victor Harbor Asics Triathlon Coming up and we are going” I felt sick – “really are we” “YEP WE ARE and you are doing the Long Course you’ll be fine just keep strong and stay positive”….

So there I was at Victor Harbor for the Olympic Distance Triathlon my biggest hardest test my body will have faced 1.5km open water swim, 40km bike and 10km run, it was cold and drizzly – my aim was to be finish in 3hrs and 40mins just the thought of working for that long made my body hurt – the swim was tough because the waves of competitors were swimming off every 2minutes – I got swam over the top of elbowed in the face at one point but I got through it and headed out for the 40km bike ride that consisted of 2 out and back loops of the Inman valley Road hill – every time Adam rode past me he would yell encouragement out to me which really helped, I came in from the bike toes numb from my wet socks and wet from the drizzly rain I managed to get my shoes on and set off for my 10km run it took me 3kms before I started to feel my toes again but I kept pushing along and ended up running alongside of a 55yr old man who had been doing triathlons for 10 years! We chatted as we ran and he asked me the time I was hoping to finish in I told him and he slapped my shoulder and said well pedal to the metal girl you are in for a surprise when u hit that finish line – so the last 4kms I filled my head with all of Adams advice and ran the hardest I could as I came down the line toward the finish I couldn’t believe I was nearly finished I sprinted across the line (because Adam says you always finish hard and sprint home!) and crossed the line in 3hrs. I caught up with my Mum, Dad and Todd’s Parents who had come to watch me (but ended up missing me because I came in 40mins ahead of schedule!) I spoke to Adam after the race and he was just as happy for me as I was – it was a big accomplishment for me and I had never been so proud of myself – until the 16th of May this year.

F!T F!X sessions aren’t just a great work out you also meet a lot of great like minded people while you are there, I have been lucky enough to have a special handful of amazing people in my life thanks to F!T F!X – and all of them played some part of my first ever ½ marathon.

I was lucky enough to be asked to head over to the Great Ocean Road Marathon by Midge originally I was going to do the 14kms run on the Saturday but a couple of weeks out the chance for me to run the half marathon came up – part of me wanted to try it, part of me was too scared to do it – I talked to Midge and Adam and together for different reasons they convinced me to give it a go. So Jack and I swapped runs – I was petrified I hadn’t really done much run training for it – the furthest In the last 12mths I had done were 4 10kms a once off 20kms run (thanks to the biggest loser and my alter ego figuring well if they can do it so can i) my body remembered how much that hurt and it had taken me just over 2hrs and 16mins so I knew from listening to Midge talk about her hilly great ocean road half marathon encounter it was going to be TOUGH.

Once you are being trained by someone 2- 4 times a week for 2yrs they tend to get to know your weakness and strengths pretty well – Adam knew that in that 2 weeks I was starting to doubt myself and he was onto me at training making sure I was getting the most out of it – along with a little email or text message here and there to keep me positive.

Friday morning 14th May on a FREEZING cold morning in Lobethal 5am we were up and on the road just before 6, Midge, Mark, Jack, the 3 kids and me – 7 of us with the trailer on board – we were headed for Apollo Bay! I was filled with mixed emotions the entire trip right up to the morning of the run – I was excited, nervous, scared and sad – I was sad for Midge who was the reason for this whole trip, she had a hip injury which was preventing her from running her first Marathon with her husband Mark – they had been training so hard for it and now she would make the 9hr trip over and have to sit on the side lines while we all got to run and that broke my heart – but it also made me determined to finish it for both her and I.

The day before the race was fantastic and funny – Jack and I were unable to legitimately swap spots so he would be running and recording under Kimberly Stubing and I would be running and recorded as Jack Zadow – so we geared up to cheer Jack on in his 14km run – which he blitzed (makes me look GREAT in the results 14kms 70mins a result I will never beat, thanks Jack) that night was great we all sat around and had a beautiful meal were entertained my Nick and his hilarious stories and unforgettable phrases – we talked about our goal times – my goal was 2hrs 30 and Midge piped up NO WAAAAAAY KIMBO – pointed her fork at me and said 2hrs you will do it in 2hrs (considering my only long run of 20km had taken me just over 2hrs and 16mins I had already been warned the start of tomorrows run started with a giant hill followed by undulation there was NO way I would make the run in 2hrs)

5:15am Sunday – Run Day! Mark and I crept around the house getting ready making sure our timing chips were on our shoes, numbers pinned to our shirts, protein bars, lollies and bananas in tow – we had our breakfast and walked down to meet the buses that would take us to the start line – we gave each other a hug and said good luck as we parted to get on the bus. It was like something out of a movie – lines of busses and people waiting to get on them like some organized evacuation. I got onto my bus and sat with my own thoughts trying to calm the butterflies – no one was really talking it was pretty quite – but there is always something that breaks the ice – and it was when our bus driver scraped the side of the hill with the bus! That got everyone talking, I spoke with a few girls who were along for their 3rd half marathon and had been training for the last 4mths for the run….wow I thought to myself I am really under prepared – true Kimbo style!

We arrived at Kennett River – where the half marathon started– I want to try and describe it as best as I can because it was one of those moments in time that really takes your breath away – I stepped off the bus got completely lost in the moment, it was so cold you could see your breath, I wandered down to the ocean where the sun was just peering over the waves as they gently rolled over the sand, the sky has started to lighten but was still netted with stars, the beach was now home to 1800 half marathon competitors some sitting on the sand just taking in the beautiful setting, some wandering along the beach others sitting on the rocks – everyone rugged up in jackets and beanies – it was one of the most surreal feelings ever it was then I realized that today would become something I would never forget.

I braved up and removed my excess clothing and beanie off, placed them in my provided bag and it chucked into the truck, the air was cold on my skin but it made me feel so alive, the sun was in full view as I decided to warm up and have a little jog up the hill and try to make friends with it before the run.
Sleepy Kennett river had come to life, with 15mins to go everyone was no out of their warm clothes and into their running gear, 2 ladies decided to get up on the back of a truck and take the 1800 competitors through and aerobics routine to warm everybody up – it was a great way to take my concentration away from the nerves and the voice in the back of my head that said “what the hell have you gotten yourself into!”

5 minutes to start, we all lined up and something strange happened, my nerves turned into pure excitement mixed with adrenalin – the voice of doubt in my head went away and instead I heard Midge and Adam – and thought to myself You can do this Kimbo…

The first part of the run was a grueling hill that just seemed to keep coming – just as you thought you were at the top it seemed to turn a corner and kick straight back up again (for anyone familiar with Alexander Avenue in Gawler it was like being greeted by that 2 or 3 times) as much as the hill hurt it was nice and cool as we ran through the shade of all the gum trees alive with birds and koalas munching away on their gum leaves…I talked with a father and daughter they were aiming to finish the run in 1hr 50min so I made it my aim to stick with them for as long as I could.

The hills were never ending undulating and winding their way along the gorgeous coastline, as I got to the 10km mark my legs had started to ache and were feeling heavy – and I was not even half way, the thoughts of doubt started sneaking their way back in as I started to lose sight of my pace setters and I ran around the bend to see yet another hill – forgetting that I was surrounded by other people made my thoughts on the hill out loud…the guy next to Justin agreed and we decided to tackle the hill together encouraging each other on as we made our way up it and onward to the 12km mark, he pulled off at the drink station with a stitch and I was back on my own – well sort of alone – I had the positivity of my amazing trainer, amazing friends I have made through F!T F!X and my gorgeous partner who couldn’t come across from the trip and I was missing like crazy – the only thing that got me through every ache and pain in my legs with every step from 18km onward was Todd – you will be right little one, you will do it easy! Adam – Keep positive stay strong you can do it!!!, Midge – 2hrs Kimbo you could do it with your eyes shut, Deanne – Kim you will do great think how great that finish line will feel, Jase – go get em tiger, Kat – Stoobs you’re a gun, Kimbot – You are a champion kimbo wish I was there to see you at the finish line, and Kato – as I looked at my rainbow bright wrist band – you can do it Kimbo remember it won’t hurt forever!

The outside of my right knee had started to burn and I realized I could see Apollo bay – up a gentle s bend hill I began to make my way down and could see a timing belt – thinking it was the half marathon belt I picked my pace up everything was hurting but I wanted to finish this thing hard – I saw the father and daughter crossing the timing belt about 1km in front of me – id actually gotten them back insight – I felt invincible as I crossed the timing belt in 1hr 59mins I stopped and stretched my right leg out and took breather only to be told the belt was for the full marathon and the half marathon timing belt was still nearly 2kms up the road – my heart sank id just wasted 2 minutes stretching, I felt so defeated and stupid. I heard a voice behind me said Hey I’m James – what’s your name? Kimberly I told him he said well Kimberly lets finish this as strong as we can – James was in his mid 30s and this was his 5th half marathon and he was my savior for those next 2kms – I ran the fastest I could and as I crossed the half marathon timing belt the clock read 2hrs 8min I had done it my first ever ½ marathon – but it wasn’t over, there was still 2 more kms to run.

I wanted to stop, I wanted to cry, my toes were hurting, my right knee felt like it was ready to burst and I couldn’t feel my fingers – but I was determined to finish this and finish it to the best of my capabilities (Adam has drummed many things into my head and one that always sticks is never finish something wishing you had given it more I wanted to leave everything I had out there) the finish line FINALLY came into sight I picked my pace up, blocked the pain out as I saw midge, jack, seb, isla and Clint all jumping around and cheering, the people that lined the road all clapping and yelling “great job, good run, great finish” James yelling “sprint kiddo go run!” My body kicked into over drive, suddenly nothing hurt and the last 200mtrs was a blur – all I could see was that finish line and as I crossed it at full sprint I felt amazing, I am not sure what I felt as I crossed – I was relieved it was over, I was proud I wished Todd was there, my body tingled with excitement and pain yet it felt as light as a feather – I sat on a chair with happy tears as a lady undid my shoelaces and sent me to get my water and banana – I heard someone yelling my name – and saw Midge a huge HUGE smile on her face, tears in her eyes as she grabbed me and hugged me “I am SOOO proud of you Kimbo SO SO proud you did it you bloody did it” and I realized she was right I had bloody done it – my 21km in 2:30min goal had been obliterated to 2hrs 8mins – I felt on top of the world.

We went down to the beach and joined so many other runners in the ocean – it was so cold that the water burned and hurt my legs but I didn’t care I had just achieved what I used to think was the unachievable – I had come from nearly 80kgs and not being able to even run 1km to 66kg and had just ran 23km of hilly coastline!

The whole day was completely topped off as we joined the lines of spectators, we eagerly waited to cheer nick home as we saw him coming toward the finish line….and then Mark!!! GO MARK we were all jumping around and clapping cheering him down the home stretch, my hear skipped a beat, I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes as he made his way to us Midge jumped up gave him a kiss and they held hands with Isla and Seb and Clint ran alongside and they finished Marks first FULL 45km marathon race as a family crossing the line wearing not just his number but midges as well – it was so nice to be able to share something special with them.

The whole trip is something I could never really explain in any hope of someone who wasn’t part of it to understand, it was a huge mark in my life – I stepped away from my familiar life into a whole new world i was over there without Todd the longest we had ever been apart, I couldn’t just drop around to mum and dad’s place, no work!! For 5 days I lived with and was made part of Midge and Marks beautiful organic family which is something spectacular in itself experiencing their amazing bond, the purity of Seb, Isla and Clints their views and interactions with the world, hanging out with Jack thinking he has a bright future and is so much older than his years. I was surrounded by jaw dropping beautiful ocean, sand, green hills and valleys that felt like rain forests – it made me think about and appreciate how lucky I am to have the special people I have in my life – I walked away from the trip with a whole new clarity.
I look back over the past 5months in terms of my fitness goals – I now realize that i would never have attempted nor achieved them without the support and love of my family and Todd, the positive encouragement from my F!T F!X friends not to mention the ongoing support and from Adam.

I entirely blame him for this fitness bug I have caught and the constant re-setting of new goals – my winter triathlon training has started back up, my new goals set in place – the half marathon in Adelaide in August, City to Bay, using my triathlons at the end of the year to set me up for my first half iron man early next year and then heading back to the Great Ocean Road to tackle the full 45km – I know that it is going to be a tough road ahead as far as training goes but I also know that I will achieve my goals because over the last 2yrs since that first fitness test i have realized I now have 3 vital things – Grit, Determination and my trainer named Adam.


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