We will be running a modified timetable for the week of Christmas.

Group Sessions will be casual visit at $12 at Facility.

27th 6:30 pm
28th 6:30 pm
29th 9:15 am

Due to many people going away and lots of public holidays we have a modified timetable that week

We will be accepting Personal Training sessions still so make your booking.

Free Christmas workout on 24th at Facility at 10:30
12 Days of Xmas workout, After the workout we can be merry.
Please bring a present as we are going to play dirty Santa.
Cheap present ($15 limit)
Please bring a few drinks and something to nibble for after.
4 Week deal will be a 5 week deal as my present to you starting on the 31st.
Accepting payments $80 for 5 weeks

Recap 22nd is last of the 4 week deal, Xmas workout on 24th, casual visits for 27th, 28th, 29th and 5 week deal starts 31st.

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